Air Conditioning

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With a changing environment outside, lets make your environment inside more comfortable.

The summer of 2018 was extremely warm and the winter before it felt like the longest our business has experienced.

With these changing conditions an air-conditioning unit may well be the best thing for you. Most provide remote control functionality with all or a mixture of the following operations:

  1. Cooling

  2. Heating

  3. Dehumidifying

  4. Fan


Consider Air-Conditioning if:

  • You have an office at home that is not connected to your standard heating system

  • A room at home is not warm enough and needs a boost

  • You are too hot at home in the summer

  • Electricity is the only fuel you can use to heat your home

 If you find yourself agreeing to any of the above statements we'd love to chat to you. We think you'll be surprised at how affordable our Air-conditioning installations are!

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